A day of our beloved Frnd; Mihir

Enjoyed the best B’day ever, wasn’t mine though.
A very good Frnd’s b’day, you guyz can know him as Mihir. The day was 3rd of May, i.e. yesterday.
Surprised him with our visit at 12 in the night of 2nd; the ‘our’ include three of us best frnds Myself, Sachin and Chinku. We, usually are the Fantastic Four / Force !
Had fun back there at 12 in the night. Much singing, photos which by the way will be uploaded here in this weekend, and trust me guyz, you will love them all.
Although, the best part of that night was when we kicked his ass, in a literal sense guyz. By now sure his butt must be too aggressive in size.
We just stick around till 12:40 and then back home. Couldn’t help, guyz had work the next day.
The Day till evening was totally a big mess and a mistake; and credit goes to the birthday boy, Mr. Mihir Acharya. His extra-ordinary display of his planning skill was highly volatile, un-reliable and totally crazy. There was a celebration decided, but when and where was changing with every wind.
By the time it was 7 pm, myself and another frnd where all pissed off and just at the patience of dropping away the plan. But somehow everything was fixed then.
We both, myself and Sachin, chilled out for a while sipping some coffee for about an hour then moved to the destination point, Blue Waters. Our reaction, Hey, nice place this is…. Great ambience, great Bar and a real good place to empty decent bucks off Mihir’s wallet.
All guyz when checked-in, had some gala time together with some finest drink (Vodka, Tequila and Beer) and food. Till the time we were done with our dinner it was already 12 AM, then followed the Cake cutting ceremony…. enjoyed it even more since were just we guyz in the restaurant.
And bad luck for Poor B’day guy. All guyz were on him, his face all messed up with a cake, check out the video.
It went almost 12:45 AM when we all wrapped up in our gears to return home. And hereon the another adventure begins.
A Great Race begin…. on one part it was me with my Bike, 180 cc Pulsar and my frnd, Sachin, accompanying me as a pillion rider. And the opponent was another frnd driving 1600 cc car.
Just so extreme it was; each moment was growing even more crazier. I never like to see myself stay behind; esp. when it is upto a race and life.
Probably, we covered about 15 kms of a distance within 7 mins.
Been a real long while since I had such an extreme race. Yeah, there had been many race nights lately but not this way. Esp. when you and your competitor both are completely insane and ready to reach any limits.
I did won; but the fact is; End of the day it was more fun to be able to race this way after ages, much more exciting then winning.
So, the day in totality was truly awesome. Finiest Wine, Food and Drive.
And if I want to be more exclusive about the issue, then I would rate videos of our dude at the highest level.
!!!!! All Cheers to Mihir !!!!!
Happy Birth Day to you;
Happy, happy, happy Birht day Dear….

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