Windows Mobile 6 – WM6; code name Crossbow


Windows Mobile 6 – WM6; code name Crossbow


I’m a crazy fan for technology; anything new I need to know, need to have a demo.


It is just recently I got my ROM version of Pocket PC upgrade from WM5 to WM6. And now it has been several days I’m using it.


So far I am loving it; much better than WM5, which sounded very boring and as well missed out few of the very basic functions that I need to see it often.


The new WM6 is having a far better interface than ever before. Cosmetics and arrangements are very decent. They are flashy, but very much decent.


Interface & Cosmetics


The Dark blue skin with fade effect is nice. Although, cosmetics is not something that catch my attention. Probably, few more good skins and theme incorporated by default would do much good to attract more sales.


Function defined for Hardware buttons are changed a little bit. (this one is reviewed from iMate’s Jasjar, will differ with device)

[i]   Battery / backlight hardware switch is defined for Backlight settings.

[ii]  other then that it does not have anything off-the-track to discuss about.


Over-all interface and response time is better then WM5; thanks to Paging memory which is enhanced to 6 MB.


Now call history is linked to its corresponding contact card. If you access a particular contact card then can view the entire call history from and to that person. This one I liked, never had this as a function in my mind.



Windows Media control panel is made available on Today Screen


Interface for Text message forward option and Call History info is not appreciated.


New Functions & Features


Task Manger

Task Manager is provided to gain control on application start-up.

It facilities with an option to kill / close the under-operational task and application.


Smart Search option with Phone Dialing:

The new function associated to phone dialing window is nice. The newly integrated ‘Smart Search’ option endorse extreme convenience. Type the letter or number and the search option will highlight the contacts / numbers with similar search string giving a direct access with push &  call. Whereas, WM5 & the earlier version had access to contact search only through Outlook Contact. And it was pain in a ass.


Voice Dial:

The version before support only supported the dialing function. However, the recognition quality is much better in this.



What I’ll talk now is among the best feature I appreciate to be included. Now with on selection in Voice Dial; every incoming call is backed by a female voice announcing the name or number of the caller. Very help full when you are using the Hands-free or too busy to look at the phone.


Outlook Contact:


File As‘ function is added to Outlook contact card. This function I’ve been terribly missing before, esp for maintaining all my business contacts.


Although, I was expecting one more function to be incorporated. The Mobile Outlook contact card has option for only one mobile contact. And further, few other entry option differ from that of Desktop Outlook. Result is that there is a contact info loss when you synchronize with your PC.


Calendar & Meeting schedule

Calendar is more customized now. View is from hour to year wise.

The Coloured Strip is given to highlight the days which are scheduled with Appointments and events.



Attendees, this is a again the another best new feature. When scheduling the event / appointment / meeting you can associated the list of attendees with to it. The real feature I haven’t even narrated yet. All the Attendees are optionally intimated about the scheduled or re-scheduled event every time.


But there is also a major loop-hole with this feature; it only has the support for e-mail based intimation and not SMS. Also if alert message service was given when entering any over-lapping appointment / meeting


Outlook Exchange server

Integration is tremendously improved with latest version of MS Exchange servers. You can control your device at real-time through the Exchange server.

Features like Erasing device email and data can be controlled through Exchange server.


USB HDD support

Under Program section you can check for USB HDD option. This is a nice one as well though I don’t use it that often.


Other function are:


·                         Media Streaming

·                         Remote Desktop, and

·                         (Improved) Midget Manager

Additional Functions & Configuration


Windows Update & customer feedback form

A real-time online update scan is available to trace any new update for Windows Mobile.



A2DP support [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile]

Bluetooth v1.1 / 1.2 can support Audio streaming. This is a good news for Jasjar and other users who are music & wireless headset crazy.


Security Lock

Alpha-numeric password / locking system is included.


Data Encryption

Data on Storage card will be encrypted, only to be accessed from a specific device.


Bluetooth SIM support

With this function you can integrate your SIM with car phone. So now with this you can access the contact database and make a call through your car phone / handheld add-on hardware.


Bluetooth Mouse

You can now calibrate your Bluetooth based mice to use it on your windows mobile based device.



Network / sync capability is more improved.


New Applications



Windows Live

Windows Live messenger and associated application are by default. Although I wished a blog writer type software was pre-installed too for uploading a blog / photos to Live Space and for its on-the-go maintenance.


Virtual Earth mobile

Support navigation; though could be made more better.


Windows Mobile OneNote

This application is now bundled with Mobile Excel / PowerPoint / word. Separate folder is dedicated for all these application and linked in the Menu list.

OneNote is a good one, better then a simple Notes. It offer face better formatting option.


Changes made from WM5


Call History

[Negative remark]

Call history in WM5 displayed details such as call time and date which is missing here.


Text Message option

[Negative remark]

[i]  Earlier the button dedicated for a ‘New’ text message is now replaced with ‘Delete’.

[ii] ‘Forward’ message option is not swapped from the Text Menu option to Drop-down menu. So now you need to spend more time holding the touch screen ‘message’ and wait until you see the Drop-menu to select for forward msg.



General Overview


The Good Parts


  • ·                         Interface & Speed is good
  • ·                         Windows Media control on Today screen
  • ·                         Contact Card improvement – ‘File As’ & Call history integration
  • ·                         Calendar – ‘Attendees’
  • ·                         Excellent integration with Ms Exchange Servers – More secured and reliable then ever
  • ·                         Smart Search option in Phone dialing
  • ·                         Voice Dial – announcing the name / number of ‘The Caller’
  • ·                         A2DP – Audio streaming over Bluetooth
  • ·                         USB HDD / USB to PC support
  • ·                         MS Mobile OneNote
  • ·                         Windows Live

The Bad ‘to be improved’ Part

  • ·                         Call History interface
  • ·                         Swapped the on-screen ‘New’ text message option and ‘Forward’ message selection
  • ·                         Additional theme / Skins / Tunes is absent
  • ·                         Display theme could be made animated to attract more business.
  • ·                         Voice Dial back is absent
  • ·                         Internet connection Sharing may become tedious at times
  • ·                         Network support could be made more better

                   (blog will be completed soon)

 [use this information at your own risk].


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