Network checklist

The physical network

Create a map of the building.

Add all network devices—such as routers, switches, hubs, access points, and firewalls—to the map.

Add the main network cable segments to the map.

Document which hub or switch ports are wired to each network jack.

Document all internal settings used by switches, routers, access points, fire walls, etc.


Create a hardware inventory.

Document which drivers are used with each hardware component.

Document the IRQ, DMA, and base memory address for each component, if necessary.

Document TCP/IP settings for each NIC.

Document which network segment each NIC is connected to.

Document the size, location, and format of each partition.

Server applications

Document which applications are running on each server.

Document the service pack level for all applications and for the server operating system itself.

Document all critical application level settings, such as the path to databases and transaction logs.

Document the server used as a DNS server.

Document all DNS settings.

Document the locations and settings of WINS and DHCP servers, if applicable.

Document which services are used and unused on each server.

Active directory

Document which domains are included within the forest.

Document which domain controllers are responsible for performing which Active Directory roles.

Document any external trust relationships that exist.

Document any site links that may exist and which servers are acting as the bridgeheads.

Document each OU and the computers, servers, and groups they contain. Users are optional.

Document the rights assigned to each group. Documenting group membership is optional.

Document the location and filename of each group policy.

Document the settings within each group policy.


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