Apple’s Safari, a web-browser now for Windows based PC

On June 11, 2007, CEO of Apple Inc, Mr. Steve Jobs, announced a windows-version of Apple’s web-browser, Safari.
Now this has been a long awaited news. Apple has now decided to reach over for the PC world. They just have to say, beaware world ! Apple is not just a rich man’s toy….. we will conqure.
Safari, is acclaimed to be the most sofesticated web-browser so far anyone has built. The precision & speed is in multi-fold. I will not be a big mouth and keep boosting about Safari, rather let the numbers do that for me.
HTML : Time to load HTML page
  • Safari   –  2.0 s
  • Firefox  –  5.1 s
  • Opera   –  8.8 s
JavaScript : Time to load JavaScript page
  • Safari   –  0.8 s
  • Firefox  –  2.0 s
  • Opera   –  2.0 s
Launch : Time for Launches (.exe & others)
  • Safari   –  3.4 s
  • Firefox  –  5.0 s
  • Opera   –  6.5 s

Find Line

It has integrated Find bar, type in the word for search and it will generate the counts with high-lighting search results by fading the page below it, this make locating search results very easy.

PDF services

Safari browser is built-with PDF creater and reader, with few other add-ins.


Security feature in Safar protects the private information input to be leaked away. With Private browsing enabled, information about pages surfed, web and personal information entered is saved or cached.

Clip It

This is a DAshboard Widget.

Other Features

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Resize
  • Page loading bar / status bar is the same in address bar

I rate it with all-stars. You can download a beta 3 version from


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