Trivia about Life

Suppose the average human life in today’s world is not more than 60 years. If you analyse the break-up of activities associated with these 60 years of your life, you can see that it more or less matches with the following:

  • 12 Years in Working
  • 22 Years in Sleeping
  • 04 Years in Routine Travelling
  • 05 Years in Eating
  • 03 Years in Bathing, Dressing etc…
  • 06 Years in Useless Chatting, Gossip
  • 04 Years in Sickness & Illness
  • Balance ? Only 4 Years

Our only question to one and all is, why should mankind think, involve in activities that result in sufferings, terror, hatred, fighting, killings etc… in the short span of 4 years left to them. It needs to be utilized in a better way by doing all good things, helping others and thanking God for the opportunity given to us in being a human being… Live and Let Live.


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