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This blog I wrote since a long time, but damn, had no time to update on live space.

June 29, 2007 as the iPhone was released, and it has been 11 days past that date. Still I every time hear critics and IT reviewers share their words & opinion about the iPhone, how good it is, or where is it falling behind.


But for me, I prefer now to put it down to the actual owners of iPhone from the consumer world and print their opinion.


In my view it is now probably a time to focus on sharing the views on the outlook of the iPhone, the future, the strategy. Yesterday I spend some time searching for statistic on iPhone sales, but no much luck. May be I will put that figures first.


There are list of questions which call for attention; questions like

Where the iPhone is positioned to expectation

How Apple plan to fix the criticism

How does Apple plan to move onto the foreign market

What next step for US market

What about the retail version

Apple’s Product development plan and Ver. 2 of the iPhone


Apple proves again with the iPhone, ‘devices we make must not just be effortless but beautiful, interesting and the enticing experience.’


IT could be no quicker to deploy a Product development team on the frontline. Not even a week and iPhone has a team of research experts on its side consistently reviewing the End User suggestions & problems for practical implication or augmentation.


You can drop-in your suggestion through Apple’s website, check for Contact Us / Support option, irrespective of whether you  may be a customer or not.


Already launched in US, iPhone was normally being headed for Europe. However, I anticipated Vodafone to win the contract in Europe. Although O2 is now announced to be a channel partner for iPhone in Europe. Estimated time for launch is ________________ and will be available at £300.00


Pricing strategy for Europe and US is more or less consistent with that of US. It is not definite if iPhone in Europe will surpass the US sales figures. People in this region are more or less conservative, exception to this are United Kingdom, Germany, France. I’m certain to send some time exploring on this subject for in-depth analysis.




What Apple thinks next for the iPhone?


29th June, 2 months have passed since the first launch of the iPhone and yet no clue about the future strategies and planning Apple has for iPhone.


Ideally, I easily could imagine hearing news, IT professional and discussion groups talking about performance in the European market. Unfortunately, this isn’t so.


iPhone has list of reported flaws; some how it lag very basic features you would expect from a Phone and a Music player. May be these reasons has convinced to a logical conclusion to delay talking about the future plans.


Under these circumstances, probably, Apple should be thinking is gathering more information about the iPhone performance, esp creating a feedback & suggestion forum for the actual users and IT experts; for this they have already put their elite team into the task, within one week of the launch.


So their primary concern will be to first review the lags and vaccine it with appropriate measures, may be a new firmware before any launch in Europe. What so ever solution they conclude will be first made available to their primary market, US.


If I give a more extreme thought, Apple may offer a Version 2 of iPhone to their existing US customers at a discounted price; although as I mentioned, this is a wildest thought but may prove practical for the future of iPhone as well as the name `Apple’.  As always I‘ve believed about the Apple’s product, “they are from a different world, genuine in quality, dependability and un-comparable performance than anyone else here”.


It may cost money and time, but is advisable for long term planning and this way Apple will have their reputation and popularity reach the sky. Perhaps, a good way to create a brand image, publically display the Company’s indispensable efforts and value towards what they sell and for whom they sell, will fetch them enormous loyalty worldwide.


Apple, in recent times has involved aggressive steps to popularize their products and reach a target market than a specific consumer. For instance, iPod’s support for Windows, integrating of Intel’s processor into Apple’s desktop and notebook, offering support for non-Mac Operating System through Boot Camp, dropped-down pricing, escalation in number of retail stores, introduction of Safari  web-browser for Windows user and much more to talk about.


iPhone is talked about in every corner of the world. I myself receive ‘n’ numbers of question. The situation offers a brightest opportunity to introduce Apple to the non-Mac world.


 Once had a new upgrades in a form of a software or a hardware, Apple, probably will target US and Europe simultaneously; following to which they will approach Australia, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. And then rest of the world.


Hopefully we shall see a Version 2 of iPhone by the month of November / December, 2007. Some of the added features will be a

·         high resolution camera with a Flash and video shoot capability

·         Patch for Bluetooth file transfer

·         integration with other online music / movie library along with iTunes

·         Video Jack

·         3G connection

·         optional Stylus

·         Polymer-ion battery

·         May be a GPS or Online maps

– J’Factor

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