MTNL Tri-band ‘Unexpected move’

Primarily, Tri-band, introduced by MTNL [stand for Mahanagar Telephone Nigum Limited], a fully owned Government Subsidiary, is among the first broadband services commenced in India.
Although, being among the first, never expected they will grow so soon in terms of IN / net based services and facilities. Certainly, they are quite late with what and where they should have stand this far; but still ‘Unexpected’.
Lately the Tri-band services they are promoting from ages has come to live its meaning. Extending to their existing broadband internet service, VoIP is just introduced to offer a long distance call at a very ground level price. Further, they are preparing to introduce even a IPTv on the same connection.
Thus, a Tri-band is complete. I’m not too sure how much more time will take to commercialize a IPTv; but hoping it be here by Secod half of 2008. Long delay will make them loose the charm and cream of a virgin market. Also any competition will make them loose some good money.
Although, COMPETITION is always a good news for Consumers !!!
Reliance too is set to offer a tri-band service. They are ready with the physical infrastructre however, their consumer reach is still marginal when compared with MTNL. Only if Reliance try to make any attempt to offer these service wireless but will cost them a million.
MTNL surely could have reached to best international standards and business globaly, only if they had kicked-away their lazy and careless attitude a long ago.
Any which ways, they are getting better. There are few other sets of service, probably, they want to concentrate in. A seperate arm handling Business customers. Offering services like International gateways, VPN, VoIP, Conference over VoIP & few others to add.
They are yet to learn a lot with respect to Customer Service. 

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