Must Have softwares for Apple’s iPhone

Utility softwares
  1. Aglare Video to iPhone Converter 1 [Convert your video files to iPhone format]
  2. iRovr Desktop 1 beta [Communicate with friends and family via your iPhone. ]
  3. Quick Search 1 [Synched search results from multiple search engines]
  4. Unit Converter 1
  5. Zoho 1 [Online Office]
    Heysan 1 [AIM, MSN & ICQ; Yahoo and GTalk to be incorporated in the upcoming version]
  6. PassVault 1 [For Security & Encryption]
  7. Telekinesis 1 [Communicate with your MAC; small web-appls designed for phone by google]
  8. Quicktate 1 [Convert your voice messages or voice notes into text]
  1. iTouch 1 [learn & enhance your ability to interact with your iPhone]
  2. LivePhone 1 [Integrate your xBox with iPhone]
  3. Facebook for iPhone



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