Windows Firewall troubleshoot

There are occassions when Windows Firewall is freezed for any alteration or selection. I’ve observed this event especially when using Windows Live OneCare beta 2.
Even after un-installing this product, your Firewall may have been automatically Turned-On and freezed, unabling you to ‘Turn it Off’
There are two known solutions in my knowledge.
Solution 1
Disable Windows firewall / Internet Connection Sharing [ICS] from Services
> Go to ‘Control Pannel > Administrative Tools > Services
> A new Windows will be displayed with Services, as mentioned in its Title bar
> On the right of the partition you will see list of services; look for ‘Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing’
> Log in to the Properties option of ICS; try to either Double-click on ICS or a right click Pop menu will have the Properties option
> In ‘General Tab ‘ select Disabled from the drop down menu next to Startup Type
> Click the Stop option below the Service Status
   Make sure the Service Status show as Stoped
Solution 2
Hacking the Windows Registry
> Select Windows Start > Run
> in the Run window type, regedit
> on the left partition, Tree concole, follow as below:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/POLICIES/MICROSOFT/WINDOWSFIREWALL/DOMAINPROFILE [Edit, double-click, on EnableFirewall put 0 or 1 in the Value Data coloumn
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/POLICIES/MICROSOFT/WINDOWSFIREWALL/STANDARDPROFILE [Edit, double-click, on EnableFirewall put 0 or 1 in the Value Data coloumn
Valu Data:
0       Firewall Turn Off key
1       Firewall Turn On Key

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