A Space Age- First Step ‘Russian Space Station’; and now is Boeing’s ‘Orbital Express’

Boring Suscessfully completed a demonstration of its ‘Orbital Express’ in colliation of their Sponsors Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
Orbital Express is the autonomus craft-cum-equipment developed and constructed by Boeing to serve Mated and Umated jobs; i.e. Battery & Fuel transfers, Computer replacement, maintanance, replacement of in-orbit Satallite; seperations of Spacecraft to various ranges etc.
It has an advanced robotic arm that is capable of performing maintanence, repairs, replacement work and in-orbit assembly, replacing the satellite in a proper or desired orbits, similarly debris debris off the orbit.
Demo was undertaken to test Boeing’s Autonomus Rendezvous and Capture Sensor System with NextSat, about 400 kms away. The system was able to recognize its exact position, ttitude and best mating location.
Orbital Express’ heart technology is called as ASTRO, ‘Autonomous Space Transport Robotic Operations’.
With this step; although a small one, yet a very important to mark how a new vission for Space. So far we only had theories on Space travel, Worm holes, Blaack holes etc. But commercially, this is a second step after the Space Station that will determine how we shall step-in to Space.
As a commercial service, Boeing will have big deals inked down.

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