An appointment with the “LEOPARD”

 Just a week ago I walked-in to experience the latest Max OS ‘Leopard‘. Well, it was a demo of course; but I never want to be very modest when talking about Apple’s products.


I had a few glimpse of her features before walking in for a real-time encounter. I was intently sure that there is another Mac product to entice me; although, it ended to be more than just that, it was much beautiful and satisfying than Sex!!!

There are about 300 features to talk about in Leopard, but I’ll only concentrate one best of the best among them.   


  • Stacks on Desktop

    Stack is an icon on the Dock that gives away the list of Files and Folders defined by it with a click of a button.

    Default Stack is for Download Stack and Documents Stack.

    Download Stack lists information of all latest files downloaded via Safari browser, Mail or iChat. This is real-time that scan and append any file downloaded.

    Documents Stack well, no discussion is needed on this. You can drag-drop any files needed. 



A run-time search, Coded ‘Spotlight‘.

Un-matched experience of a futuristic Search Engine. Finder share the fundamental of iTunes’ cover flow. Surfing through files was never made this easy.

Sidebar, it was included in previous Mac OS versions as well. Some additions are being made to this personality. Grouping is well managed with Source list.

There is a feature called Connected Mac, which enable you to search through all connected Mac . But this is just a basic; a like Remote desktop in Windows, it lets you have full access of connected Mac, if permitted so. Then it is everything you can do config the connected Mac , access applications, files etc. and etc…

Search Party, syncs Spotlight and Coverflow function. It has existing search profile / options or can create your own. Search result and parameters can be saved for future references.

Other functions:

  • One click access to Spotlight from Desktop
  • Boolean logic; string command to share down your search; it is easy and fun too
  • Ex: Use of "Quotation" for exact string, Filter through phrases using And / Or / Not functions & many others


  • Quick Look

Quick Look is simply awesome. A brilliant approach towards simplification.

This feature lets you go through the content of file without even actually opening it; let it be a single or multi-page file.

Just a click and a sizeable preview of file is generated to sneak its contents. Support is integrated for all files on the system; indeed, you can view your whole presentation sheet through this.

Available integration with Finder and Time Machine.


  • Spaces

    Another of the sweetest attempt from Apple to be more organized. Perhaps the feature PC user always needed but never realized that we did.

    Group together your relevant, running applications into one Space; ex. all your office and mail application can be grouped together into one Space,. Similarly, entertainment, Games & others can be allocated into separate Spaces.

    All this you can do with drag and drop method.

    How does this help? Well, imagine you click for Space with Office application and they are right there .. No need to minimize or maximize or tabbing through un-related applications simultaneously running.

    And this is just a click away from Mac Dock icon set.


  • Access Desktop contents behind running application

    Accessing any of the desktop file / content is a big pain with multiple applications running simultaneously on-screen.

     However, Leopard has a modest solution to this.

    Direct your cursor to a pre-defined position and all your maximized application windows disappear making the desktop content visible for desired action. Just repeat click function to retain all the running windows.


  • Boot Camp

    Multi-platform support, Boot Camp comes factory installed on leopard. You can install 32-bit versions of Windows XP / Vista on Mac PC through Boot Camp. Mac shares all hardware evenly with Windows

    Creation of new partition for Windows installation, re-arranging Mac’s files, other installation function is all managed by Boot Camp.

    Access them easy!

    Installing Windows with Boot Camp is not just easy; Leopard homes all the req. driver within its system thus no need for any extra download or purchase.


  • Time Machine

     Well, many OS offer the Back-up and Restore option so I will only talk about features that make Time Machine look more advanced.

     Single external Drive can be used to back-up more than one Mac.

     Integration with Spotlight and Finder.

     Surf through Dates to know your Mac, installed application, files, changes effected from selected date; recover any file from that time.

     Incremental back-up

      Migration Assistant tool that allow you to configure your new Mac with settings from existing Mac and / or restore new Mac with old Back-ups


    Other enhanced features are    

  • Automator
  • Beautiful as ever, Gadget Bar
  • Movies Widget
  • Apple Scripting
  • Scratched Disc Recovery
  • Series of "i" services
  • Garage Band
  • Integrated PDF functions
  • Bonjour Scanner
  • Security : Sandbox, anti-hack tool
  • TextEdit   


    So my new Year’s resolution is to make sure confess and date two of my babies, Apple’s Macbook Pro and Yamaha R1, on 14th day of upcoming February. A Special Treat!!!!


    • By J-Factor


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