What is Life?

A young man was in search. For seven years he travelled from one country to another, from one Master to another, asking the same question, but his question was such that it could not be answered.

Finally he reached the deepest caves of the Himalayas. He has heard of an old, wise man, the greatest wise man of the world. The journey was very arduous, risky, but he risked his life and finally reached the doorsteps of the great man. His joy, that he had made the journey, was great.

He opened the door; the old man was drinking tea. The young man did not even wait for a single moment, he said "I have come to ask a question: What is life?"

The old sage said "What!" He looked very surprised, as if the question was utterly absurd.

The young man repeated it again, he asked again "What is life?"

The old man smiled and said "Life is a cup of tea."

Now it was the turn of the young man; he said "What!? Life is a cup of tea?"

The old man laughed loudly and said "Do you mean to say that life is not a cup of tea? Then you can have it your own way, you can find your own answer, but at this moment, in this moment, to me life is just a cup of tea, because I am drinking tea."

It is not a joke — it is tremendously significant. The old man is saying: "Life has to be lived moment to moment, then only do you know the taste of it. In this moment I am sipping tea; this is the taste of life."


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