Flexible Display

Rollable Display, a Polymer Vision product

We are long been hearing about development of big display / portable devices that could easily fit-in our pockets. There are many names provided to this concept; Rollable display or Paper display etc…

All big companies want to be the first at this foot-step. Why? to grab a biggest bite of a wealthy Apple.

Many prototypes are so far built and released in Expos; however, it is only recently, Polymer Vision, a Philips’ outcome, has announced that they are already set to commercialise rollable display for consumers.

Indeed, this news can be considered as expected when you would know that the vision of this company has been; A rollable display in every mobile device.

Such portable will certainly be the future of technology; as we talk about 5 – 10 years hence. There are several core reason facilitating to this.

  • Green Technology

Consider the momentum towards adaptability of Green technology for anything we use or develop. Extreme measures are implemented in the arena of Automobiles, Power production and daily necessities.

Indeed, even technology in computing are exclusively rated as Green or not, based on the     raw material ingredients and resultant pollutants on disposal.

  • Every air is going Broadband

Hot-spot for Wireless high speed connection are present at every corner in the Developed countries and infrastructure is getting better for Developing nations.

Days are not far when Ministry will promote a public wireless system covering every inch of territory.

This technology will be multi-functional; viz. supporting the traffic control system, cameras, transport system, data synched with Security agencies, with Positioning & Guidance system (this may ease up the load on direct satellite by linking the data gathered from this system, and many others…

One of the functions will be to support these Display devices. News Papers will be transformed News readers.

Instead of printing on papers, News will be published over internet portal which later will be streamed on such e-paper / rollable / readers through such public wireless system.

Such devices can extend its functions with Email services , accessing VPN, Live Television streaming; possibilities are endless…

And if we could combine it with dual power mode; Solar & Battery.. 

To me, this technology seem very promising for the future. It will support Portability, Accessibility and Environment.

– J’Factor


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