The R’ [Revolutionary] Man is back : Sabeer Bhatia

The creator of world’s first ever and most popular web-based Free E-mail service, Hotmail, is back with action.

Sabeer Bhatia, perhaps the first among quick fortune maker from the IT world; launched ‘Hotmail’ in 1996 along with Jack Smith. It was by 1997 Microsoft recognized the potential of this service and bought over ‘Hotmail’ fir $400m.

This man from the past is back.

Since many years he has been behind the curtains, although no idle at all. Latest of his contribution is ‘Live Documents’.

Sabeer Bhatia has started a portal,, for Audio Conferencing. This is not it; like Hotmail, this service is offered at a ‘Zero’ cost factor.

English translation of ‘SabSeBolomerely means, Speak with Everyone

Not to be surprised though, this Man has a reputation of being a philanthropist!!! Lucky for all of us; other wise I would not be using Hotmail / Windows Live services till today, started it from 1997.

Services offered at portal are briefed below:


  • Reservation-free Audio conferencing facility
  • Participants can be more than two parties at the communication
  • Open API for other application integration by Organization / Developers
  • Conferencing scheduler
  • Conference Manager
  • Voice Broadcast / Telecast


  • Allotting a private id / number
  • Conference record option
  • Plus all other of the above


  • Low cost communication manager for SME sector
  • On-the-go access
  • No infrastructure cost involved
  • Free audio conferencing can promote increased usage of online communication method; esp with the expected 3G connection

Service will be launched for Indian users first and then to the world.





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