No NUKE ! No NUKE ! shouts big voices

A report "Towards Nuclear Free World" submitted by one of the leading names, former senior decision-makers, Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, Defence Secretary William Perry and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Samuel Nunn, has been published by Wall Street Journal recently.

The recommendations and views of this report appeal Bush administration and successors to undertake more rigorous measures than what has referred in 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

Few of the good and argumentative points are

  • Nuclear elimination to be set as a timeline and not a mere agreement.
  • Separation of Nuclear war-heads from delivery system
  • Increased decision and warning time for Nuclear deployment
  • Elimination of long-range ballistic missiles for Defence purpose
  • Eliminate the use of high enriched Uranium
  • More intensive control over Civil Nuclear facility to avoid its miss-use 

     and many others…

By far very few points support a very realistic view, whereas others are less practical to be achieved. Today, all we could think, talk and hear about is a ‘Rat-race’, who is the ‘Super=power’ and controller.

Talk about Space, Weapons, Political every nation is trying to build a symbolic presence on this Globe; Economies and world-citizen are infected with this virus.

Growing Defence budget and arms-race; certainly supports largely of arms productions.

Not only from nations point of view; commercially too it earns a fortune for Weapon and Machine Contractors. Built more, sale more may be the motto…

And in a situation where no nation is sure about technology and destruction capability of second nation, superiority of Nuclear presence is a sure-shot measure.

Being argumentative about these, what I meant is:

  • Advanced countries are likely to conceal their weaponry development, esp Nukes, in an wove to maintain their strength, reputation and control.
  • Humans, by nature, always strive for Superiority in all ways.
  • Insecurity on unknown status amongst developing nations could give a rise to extremist / terrorist group, ethically speaking group of people to restore and protect their nation.
  • Creating a controlled environment is certainly a good thing, but in order to promote such crucial idea tactical considerations like No Advanced Nation to maintain Supremacy status; availability of current technology, known and un-revealed, to developing & other countries, and etc…

Technically speaking these considerations are implacable to fulfil. Defence always believe Trust to be mere an indulgence and imperfect. Neither any Nation will be ready to give-away their technology built in. And people do love the essence of Control over others, directly or in-directly.

According to me; than political; Cultural, Judicial, Business & Economical measure will be more effective in creating a favourable and stress free World.


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