Eternal Love

Four long hours had passed but she still wept and cried,

To refrain him from going, very hard indeed she had tried.

But he was adamant; he said he would no longer believe her

And because of her true lies, he finally had to leave her.

The truth, however, was that he loved her even more than his soul.

But he had responsibilities, and, to play, a very important role.

He had no money nor any means to keep her good and well,

He thus had to part ways but this was hard to tell.

He therefore just told her he did not need her anymore

For whether he would succeed in making a living, he did not know for sure.

The girl was thus caught heavily, in her agony and her sorrow,

Not knowing whether she would even have the desire to see tomorrow.

He had left her in solitude in times difficult, desperate,

For her father, within a fortnight, wanted her to choose her life-mate,

Out of two men, who in richness and pride, were magnificently above

Others; but yet none was her life, her true love.

The boy in the town, however, made money manifold,

For in his job he succeeded and thousands of clothes he sold

For a merchant who was nice, pleasant, and kind-hearted.

Thus was the boy now desperate to combine those ways that had parted.

But alack and alas, for the girl lying alone in the country,

Was being forced that one of those two men she had to marry.

She pleaded, she sobbed, she begged, but all in vain,

For her parents turned a deaf ear towards her agony, her pain.

So she thought of only one solution to end her prolonged grief,

Death, which would steal her from sorrow, just like a silent thief.

So upon the midnight hour, of the fourteenth (of February) in the silver shine,

She drank some household poison, freeing herself from the cycle of time.

Alas, alas, he came, he came, but came one hour too late,

Too late, only to see his love lying in the arms of fate.

Deafening agony overtook him on seeing his love on the death-bed,

His love, lying in Death’s arms, yet her face, rose-red.

He took the remnants of the poison and kissed them with his lips,

Rendering himself lifeless by the small but deadly sips.

There lay the lovers, finally together, but as still as a brooding dove,

Bonded by the chains of Death, but in their hearts, forever, eternal love.


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