Yamaha India launches a sports version ‘YZF-R15’

This day, 12/06, marked a glorious day in launch of a lower-end sports version Mo’bikes.


A first among the sports version exclusively launched for Indian market, with a low-end power and price. Specs flows as below.

Engine      :  4-valve, SOHC; liquid cooled with single cylinder

Displacement : 150 cc

Compression : 10.4 : 1

Max power    : 17 BHP @ 8500 RPM


  • Fuel Injection System
  • DiASil Engine
  • Electric ignition system
  • ‘Clutch’ Constant mesh wet multi-plate
  • Breaks : Single disc, hydraulics
  • Wheelbase 1290 mm & Ground clearance 160 mm
  • Monocross suspension

Price           : INR 115,000.00 [Mumbai]

News of this launch were clinging through for quite a long time now. The moment I about Yamaha berthing with its sports version that merely capitalize 150cc, well Holy Molly!

But I was sure excited about what magic spell Yamaha had into the new R15; not truly disappointing after all…

This could be a good push towards futuristic biking.

First wave was in 2001 with a launch of Bajaj Auto’s ‘Pulsar’, 150cc & 180 cc variants. Not to ignore, Hero Honda CBZ was the first one to break a 100 cc barrier.

Pulsar is accredited for the first revolution with many technology & style integrations, like Digital Twin Spark Ignition [DTSi], Advanced Fuel Injection system, Form Factor etc with its latest version of DTS-Fi powered by 220 cc engine. Most of these technologies are proprietarily developed for Bajaj.

First it was a muscle and technology. Continuing the legacy, Yamaha R15 will bring conglomerate Technology and performance with a race factor.

And guyz, this girl is Hot, with some shine and style. Do check out gallery!

R15 is said to be a straight descendent of R1, i.e. the design, aerodynamics, engineering, almost everything what Yamaha has put to test and experienced .

Some of the unique features are:

  • Style, the sports look is one of her kind in India today.
  • Monocross suspension, claims to service a comfortable, shock-free & stable ride on bad roads.
  • DiASil, aluminium-silicon cylinder & piston offer a light weight engine, efficient heat conducting, thereon facilitating minimum slip & loss, enhanced output & power response.
  • Liquid cooling, although this is already being offered by Bajaj too.
  • The Race factor, termed by Yamaha as ‘Humachine’ is a concept of factoring design and engineering assimilating Bike and a rider, together as a single subject.

This master-piece is priced @ INR 115,000.00; with this price tag this baby could be of a limited version. This will expectedly raise the average level spending investment into biking sector.

Packaging this far is impressive, although how far it can sustain the rigidity of Indian roads will be a time’s tale. Further, escalating cost of Fuel, mainly Petrol, is a big hit to a Automobile industry and this is suspected to be worsen.

Race biking does foresee a good future, but moderately. Indian consumer share a conservative and cost saving ideology. And there is also a announcement of a CNG based bike to be introduced by Bajaj Auto which will again add a new branch in biking sector.

Intense competition may be building up in a future to come with Bajaj aggressively transforming their biking culture, introduction of R15 and successors, Ducati & Harley to step into Indian market; well, 3 – 4 years from now, roads are going to be an exciting place guyz!

Being a first of her kind, prominent to sales performance and reputation is highly sensed through After Sale and Maintenance Service to be offered by Yamaha service centres, which evidently is not efficient and far reaching as Baja Auto’s infrastructure.




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