Single-day trip to ‘Kundalika Rafting’

August 23rd, single-day rafting trip planned with my friend’s office colleagues; although fortunate to be able to swap one empty position in the group.

Arrangement was at Kundalika river; ideal for rafting. Kundalika is a small-sized river, originated at Bhira town in Maharashtra. River flows through Sahyadri hills and finally submerges to Arabian sea on the west-cost of India / Maharashtra. Kundalika homes many small farms, retreat destination, and many small industries esp around city called Roha.

Being small in size and water fed through Bhira Dam, eventually a suitable and safe location to share a rafting experience for novice / amateurs with grade 2 & 3 rapids.

Rafting is only possible with water being released by Bhira Dam, otherwise river is not self-sufficient with water level to fulfil rafting conditions, viz water level and flow-force to create Rapids / white waters. Default time for water-release is morning 9 – 9:30 it is only then rafting activity commences. Distance it covers is about 13 km, from which about 9 – 10 km is with rapids and then a stretch of 3 to 4 km is with a gradual flow, one can enjoy a long swim; with the life jacket on even non-swimmers need not worry about the depth.

Rapid stretch takes about an hour and 15 min above; later with a flowing river swim can be pleasured for another 30 or a little more. Water though has higher density of mud and other organic contents, but very ideal for swim. Apart from rapids best I loved was a swim with a soft Sun overhead; a good shake!!!

We started our trip at about 4 in the morning with initial introduction of individuals and some Hoo-haas!!! Yeah, not to forget the a group photo with a DIGITAL DOLBY bus we hired (unfortunately with just to lousy movies to play), well atleast the sticky poster said that! and you will see many of the snaps ppl directing on it…hehee; funny but definitely a point  that will be mentioned each time this trip is talked about.

We reached destination approx. by 8 am; took some time to love the ambience, weather, river and photo-session; a frnd [Abhinav] certainly did, a model by hobby he is. Just as we were bored waiting for rafting to start, rain was to our rescue with cold breeze. Yet I’m confused was it a rain or a young lady in white that guyz been talking all the time, untill rafting instructor arrived!!!!

Rafting session started with inital instruction manuals from guide and with a three-time raft calls, a tradition adopted by professional Sherpa rafters from north east. Rafting was more fun with water fights, dashing through other boat, race to reach first among 10 boats, and ofcourse lotta mischief and teasing ppl from other boats, sure a little childish but something that cannot be missed-out for a complete experience.

Raft was at a check-point by 1:30 PM, with everyone tired and hungry. Then made our way to our transportation then to a near by Ganesh temple, Pali and back home by  PM.

Trip and rafting to summarize in one word was a GREAT outing, esp with ppl in the group, lotta a fun! I must thank everyone for the hospitality; these guyz made the trip more interesting and fun…

This event did remind me of my years back trek to Rishikesh, well-known for rafting as well, when it was my first time with rafts. Comparing to that this one was just a baby-shake, but not to deny a great fun. This also made me plan my next year’s trip to Ganges / Rishikesh for a intermediate level rafting or may be travel there in this year itself, after my winter trek to Himalayas in this December.

For those who plan to reach Kundalika rafting, here are some valuable set of information.

Travelling to Kundalika

Kundalika is located at about 120 km from Mumbai and 100 km from Pune city. Private transport is suitable due to interior location or else be sure to equip yourself with much food and a mental enforcement since it will be a very long walk till the nearest public transport system.

You can check following link for details on how to get there,

Itinerary and Trip organizers

Rafting here is organized by few companies, main among them is ‘Mercury Himalayan rafting Co’. Tour operators promoting this are ‘Foliage Outdoors’,  ‘Nature Trails’ and few others as well.

Location of Mercury office is Sutuerwadi, which itself is on the route towards Kundalika start-point.

Kundalika / Kodal vicinity has much more outdoor activities to offer. Either a one day trip or overnight can be planned for this place. Get-aways like Durshet Forest Lodge offer packages with accommodation and adventure activities like Valley crossing, Rappelling etc.

If you plan a relaxed overnight then Aqua cottage of Pooja Farm should be a better option. They have a small cottages over the lake. I could not have an opportunity to visit it but sure will plan a weekend soon to explore this place and study ambience that they claim.

You can get more details with map on follwing links.

There are many other sightseeing locations around this region. [Epicentre is ‘Kodal’ for approx distance measured]

  • Kansai Waterfall (about 7 kms)
  • Hot Springs at Uddhar (9 kms)
  • Pali Ganesh Mandir (13 kms)
  • Trek to Sarasgad, Sudhagad
  • Alibaug Seaface (35 Kms)
  • Birla Salao Temple (52 Kms)
  • Bhira Dam (46 Kms)
  • Raigad Ropeway.(70 Kms)
  • Murud Jangira(93 kms)
  • Tamaani Ghats(Waterfalls)(48 Kms)

About Rafting

Weekend trip will cost you about INR 1200.00 and weekday @ INR 1050.00. This include rafting and gears.

Food can be arranged by Foliage at cost of about INR 250 [veg] and INR 260 [non-veg] per person, but don’t expect it to be a luxury food.

Make sure to take a sunscreen with you, will help to avoid itchy sensation after rafting; other requisites is mentioned on

Facility is also provided at Mercury office for changing.

You can check the photos I’ll upload in Gallery section of this Live Space itself , link is!851D717EDFF14CEC!3846/

Anything further valuable to share will edit in this blog.

People looking for this experience, hope you guyz have a good fun!!!!!!


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