ROCK ON ! .. a latest bollywood musical sensation

Released on end week of this August [year:2008], ROCK ON is a first ever bollywood movie dedicated to Rock music.

The story is about four young-gen who are friends since college and totally consumed into rock genre. Together they make a low profile rock band who perform local shows / concerts, and struggling their way through becoming a professional rock band.

All the four characters written are very versatile, and played really well. This movie is produced by Farhan Akhtar, who also play a role of ‘Aditya’, a lead singer of ‘Magic’. This movie is his debut as an actor as well as singer. And yeah I missed out something, ‘Magic’ is the name of their rock band.

Group so named, Magic, is with their belief of creativity, to create a magic out of their music. To put their talents and heart together to create something so extra-ordinary from the ordinary. You could easily catch this essence from all the songs. Music although is not a heavy rock.

Lyrics are really well composed for a rock genre, and also incredibly sung by Farhan Akhtar. Lyrics / songs are conceptually not inspired from out of the world phenomenon but, like few rock bands, evidently extracted from everyday life and experience. The movie also rightly follow a pattern of rock albums, i.e. incorporation of a soft rock [love] track, ‘Tum ho toh’,  among other heavy substances. This pattern reminded me of ‘Tuesday’s gone’ and ‘nothing else matters’ by Metallica as well ‘Wild horses’ from one of the greatest rock band ever, The Rolling Stones.

Direction and script has quite well-studied the soul of rock music and how the core of rock band as well as how it works inside. They have done a real good job of converting their study into direction and script. For instance, how a band formation works, the early days / passion of music and creating a life from it, connection the band members share as an amateur, struggle on their way to becoming a professional band, and internal conflicts of ego. Also about a band who struggle but fail to survive and belief that they have to give-up for dreams, or not rise at all.

Instance from a movie where band members, esp lead guitarist [Joe] has trouble when their lead singer, Aditya, is only focused in their music video. Joe has some difficult time accepting the fact that his band is breaking up from their belief of ‘No one will take over in the band’. 

Just more than awesome is the Guitar and beats … making me wanna watch this movie over and over again. Every guitar string pulled gives me a thrilling chills of music ! awesome it is.

A very creative and impressive presentation of the movie, I must say. There are no over emotions and a mellow drama or any over-acting. Movie give away any element that is an over-dose. What made it an excellent in presentation? ..

The narration of events!… syndication of present and past. Every scene in the present is associated with a flashback; likewise narration of character’s sad present is well associated with a flashback of pleasant memories, and importantly in a chronological set. This approach has helped to ease of the storyline, not too much of emotional overdose at a one-go.

This was contrary to such genres of bollywood movies that normally carry a semantic presentation. First half, i.e. before the intermission there is a very smooth flow of incidents and comic character; whereas the second half goes very dramatic; same was the case Frahan Akhtar’s last hit ‘Dil Chhahta Hai’. Ofcrouse, I will be wrong if I mention Bollywood movie can go without proper Indian masala. It is a part of an Indian life and so is the Indian cinema, to bring it close and attach to the viewers.

Glad that the crew decided not get too much carried away with songs, which normally every Bollywood movie drag about. There are no songs edited at a wrong place and situation; esp what I appreciate is movie had only one or two songs focused on love, and lyrics-cum-music gave chills to my every vein.

ROCK ON did remind me of a Hollywood movie, Rock Star, about Rolling Stones, one of my favs among music movies. Another one I loved was Almost Famous and School of Rock.

I am sure after this movie there will be at the least some wave to support rock band, and will share a much appreciated outlook in Indian music industry as well as people.


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