Our CMs’…..Hotel Taj visit by CM ‘Deshmukh

Below script was emailed to me, wasn’t that funnier. But certainly the event when our so called Great! Great ! the greatest CM of Maharashtra….Shri or guess I should not be using Shri but just ‘Vilasrao Deshmukh’ paid his first visit at Taj Hotel on post terrorist attack with his son, and an Actor ‘Ritesh Deshmukh’ and director ‘Ram Gopal Varma’, and these two guys are not at all near involved in Politics / Ministry.

And why does this make a reason for a rage…. Mr. Ratan Tata was not allowed in his own Hotel Taj after the operation.

Shame it is….. we have such CMs’

It is a shame there are leaders we have right now, but a disgrace as well as the tragedy is people learn, talk, heated but very few act to the responsibility.


Shootout on Minorities
by Speed on Nov 28, 2008 03:10 PM  Permalink  | Hide replies
      Mahesh bhatt is thinking of making a new movie based on non humanitarian acts in the mumbai encounters.
He is writing script, story based on incidents. The story is based on a innocent muslim youth who fell in love with a hindu girl. the girl rejects his love because he is a muslim and the youth is provoked by communal tensions and violence against the muslims which will force him to retaliate against the majority community.
The film is named as "Shootout on Minorities".
Starring Aamir khan, Shabana azmi, Teesta in supporting role, Shivaraj patil as home minister.
Lyrics Javeed Akhtar
Producer: Amar singh and Mulayam singh.
Screenplay: CNN-IBN
An Alqaeda film.
Distributors: Shivaraj Patil and co.
Note: Distributors change their dress very frequently and please co-operate for delay in distribution.


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