Tears Are Words The Heart Cannot Say

The flowers he is holding in his hands
are of the brightest colors ever seen
From his sad eyes the tears fall softly
in between the red, yellow and green
A swift wind rustles the oak trees
As a cloud blocks out the sun
It ‘s spring, the birds are singing,
the new season has just begun
Time stands still for him however
Looking at her picture, a face serene
He remembers when they first met,
the prettiest girl he had ever seen
He never did tell her how he felt,
just could not find the words or guts
Just happy holding hands and laugh,
but in his heart he loved her lots
A sweet smell of magnolias, so refined
fills his lungs and at last he sees
her appearance as if she is really there
In utter bliss he falls to his knees
He was meaning to tell her he loved her
and wanted her, on that very last day
Now tears fall upon her humble stone, so sad
when tears are words the heart cannot say


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