Interview skills [1]

This is quite a tricky to explain. Professionals can only list the guidelines for going through a successful or at-least a presentable interview.

Outline can be designed on how to approach the bench, present yourself, what to speak, how much too… these are specifics that need to be customized with the reflexivity in the walk-in situations.

Few of the basic essence for interviewee:

  • My personal suggestion is be smart as well as honest; be to the point…
  • No harm in showing a controlled emotions if you are a little nervous
  • Present yourself and not something else, if your specs don’t meet the job, learn it before and expertise it in due course
  • Make it interactive
  • Remember you are in front of panel not coz you ‘Love the Company’, but for the opportunity
  • Ask questions about the job and company, but not too much
  • Find clues but do not wonder much with them in between
  • Curiosity is good, but over enthusiasm must be eliminated
  • Be a good negotiator

Proposition mentioned here or to be published in future articles of this series are not the precise set of rules or regulations to generate an 100% affirmative result; nor are tested scientifically. These are merely suggestions I share in order to help improve interview skills and performance.

I will break down this article into sessions covering common interview questions.

– J’Factor


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