Interview skills [2] — “Why do want to join this Company?”

Panel: “Why do you want to join this Company?”

This is quite a common question been asked by the interviewer; and unfortunately, people brag on with company’s whole time-line, branches, reputation, blabber etc etc……

Your response is a straight inference of your honesty as well as interactive capacity. And please consider, any a**-licking response could do a serious damage as the first round itself.

To this question, interviewee generally shoots with response such as…

“Time line of the company, try to show the good picture of company, narrate the on-going achievements and reputation of company..etc etc…”

Avoid some of these reactions please; pros in panel are already a part of the company and know it well. Try not to be a charmer in this arena, it could cost you.

You are on the chair to associate your skills & self to the company, and not debate about its existence; so better relate yourself to the opportunity and company.

Points to note

  • Know the company well, but keep it to the basics in terms of time-line and a brief in financials, viz turnover etc. This need to be very specific for the region or office in prospect.
  • Study in-detail about position, history, performance & responsibilities associated to it. Questioning to HR is a very good method, and also if you have some contacts within the organization then get their opinion.
  • Talk about work culture of the company, and in relevance to yourself.
  • Be honest with the reason why you pursue this position or company. Do not give a crap about company being a leader or reputed name etc etc… everyone has their reason, so give it out, but make it technically sound.
  • Convince panel with benefits of your skills and experience for the job.

[This blog may be edited later with more contents].



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