UEFA Championship League 2009 : Barcelona FC vs Chelsea 2nd League semi’s


Barcelona FC vs Chelsea… 1 : 1

The game much awaited, and a team under-played. Barcelona FC walked victorious, but hate to mention, in a very disappointing manner.

Chelsea ruled the 93 minutes field; and then in 93rd minute Andreas Iniesta strikes the Chelsea’s post. Score turns to 1-equal; leading Barcelona FC to the finals of Championship League.

Barcelona did own that 93rd min. but for rest of the game, well… I avoid to comment on that. Barcelona has been my team for the season.

Post semi-final of 28/April called for variation within Barcelona FC.

Chelsea, not to mention has been an outstanding performer in the season; esp. semi’s in both league. Their simulated strategy for the game of building a defence as well aggression of forwards for later had been fantastic. This strategy positioned Chelsea on the upper-hand. 

Guess I don’t need to talk much on this, figures say it all…. Semi-finals of 1st league went draw at ‘Nil’ and 2 league was all the more bad for Barcelona; Strikes on target was just 1 and 4 for Chelsea; 10 wide shots recorded by Barcelona and just 5 of Chelsea. And this figures are inspite of Barcelona FC having 64% of Ball possession.

Barcelona played a ‘Slow and Desperate game’. C’mon, you already knew Chelsea, played them in semi’s. You should have already figured out some ways to kick the goals.

Chelsea demonstration in 1st league semi bluntly warned Barcelona, guyz stay away from our goal. Even with an outstanding dodger like Messie and striker Henry, Barcelona could only score a duck, unlikely and surprising. Game results, both team at Nil. Chelsea’s fleet paralyzed and aggravated Barcelona even after the best of team co-ordination, forwards and striker; sadly it continued even in the 2nd league.

Mantra of Chelsea might have been to stay aggressively defence, i.e. assemble and spread her unit in her half, as the soccer is dodged towards them from mid-field. Primary targets???

  1. No goals preventing Barcelona forwards to penetrate on her side of Goal. And how do they do it, controlling on Passes by Barcelona, Messie’s possession, & strikes.
  2. Never leave any opportunity of scoring.

For Barcelona, this pretty much called for some game-plan off the shelf. Instead, they decided to pick-on the old plan.

2 league semi had been just a disaster for Barcelona FC.

  • Henry was not in the game
  • Messie unable to crack through the Chelsea defence
  • Inadequate strikes
  • Alves seemed off-the-track…& so on

[Game plan] Am no export on this but my calculation would suggest Barcelona FC for a combination approach, i.e. Quick-less passes and long strikes; for instance from Mid-field to forward [or s] to a striker, followed by a strong shoot at the post; and / or synching a dodge between forwards & mid-field this might help to disperse Chelsea’s field and on-advantage could be to a Striker.

With just 1 on-target strike and 10 wide shots, Barcelona played a very frantic game. Indeed, a total havoc by rough plays by both sides and ended up with many yellows and red.

Barcelona FC vs Manchester United : FINALS

Now is to see what Barcelona FC coach has planned for Manchester United. Whatever be it, but sure they need to work-up with their defence net against Park and Ronaldo as well as shoot some goals. Being defensive on the first half along with forwards enduring the Chelsea’s defence, and offensive by the second with main attention given to Striker should give them a reason to cheer.

Jay Joshi…


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