Long break and da’Factor is back!

This is my first update in past many months on, and then crashes a news on Live Space and Mesh shutting down, catching my attention. Jumping from Spaces to WordPress seem a little junkie and unorganized. Live Space had a good sectional customization and options. Another good part of Live space service was their templates, Live gallery integration, tagging feature and Skydrive which is gonna be missed in WordPress prominently the flash Gallery widgets on Blog space.

Nothing to brag about, at the least I’m thankful for this association they were able to migrate current blog to WordPress and maintain the profile, as well further integrating with Live services.

I hope to discover features as and more I digg into WordPress. To start WordPress becomes a strong contender with their Android app which I missed for Live writer on Android as well as Windows Mobile I’ve been using for years. Android app offer a greater flexibility to blog world, it is always good to have your toolbox handy, when travelling, on coffee or waiting outside off the loo! esp when your work schedule is exhaustive.

So far a good start! and good to be back…


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