My last ‘Apple Bite’..

Like most of you’ll am the Apple fan, like a daddy’s boy. So long Apple is a boy’s toy with the long drawn history of struggle, brilliancy and balls to stick with their belief. Unlike Bran Adams it was a Summer of 2002 when I first get my hands onto the Mac, darn…stunned… POSSESSED!!!! what the hell am I doing with the Microsoft products?!!

It was then I converted to be a die-hard Apple follower, frnds too nicked me the  Apple-guy 😉 I distinctly remember dragging my uncle to a Apple outlet and since then he still sniffs through Apple releases, convincing himself to buy it and even subscribed to the newsletter.

Steve Jobs has marvelously created a matrix of people who create the ideas and not manufactured Sales. iPod a good example that changed our notations of music, never heard any kid on the block asking for a MP3 player but en iPod is the synonym. Or iPhone which revolutionized the way we use a Smartphone in daily life, at some places even as a lifebouy.

Apple products were a little far then affordable from where I come from and for a school boy!, so was the case few years back of timeline but after years of waiting I was finally able to share my bite of the Apple, sadly not a Mac machine but fortunately an iPod Touch. Although never missed any golden opportunity to try their products in outlets, has always been a sheer indulgence!!!!

Keeping up with Steve Jobs is quite a job, Exciting! Lately Jobs seem to find himself in a corporate maze, with end-user technologies growing at a lightening speed, integrative and multi-utility, as well competition getting more complex. Momentum of Samsung and Motorola, alternatives being introduced everyday and right now is where Technologist need to give something better or different, its not a time for mere substitutions.

Apple is making its way through many controversies and fierce competition, but their recent dirty way to sell iPhone 4 into China has been extremely disappointing. With terms dictated by the Chinese, Apple’s pre-loaded Map rigged out a part of Indian territory into China. You can follow more on this in link,

Being a forever Apple follower as well a true Nationalist there is complex reaction of aggravation and sentiments that made me to literary dump on my iPod and Apple henceforth, thereby so titled my last bite of Apple product and news updates.

If you are an Indian and feel something to about it then soon going to articulate about Apple-Chinese move and Centre’s response to it , poll to be added as well, comments and suggestions on this are invited for discussion.

-Jay J.


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