A typical day in the Future [Part 1]

Previous Day evening meetings, appointments, reports and end-of-the -day video con. It’s 1700 hrs, exhausted, and then a reminder goes off the phone notifying me about a late evening social engagement with friends over drink; after long days of work it will be a life saver. Attention back on work desk, organized, documented and wrapped up with the final To/Do list for tomorrow, work synced to respective profiles and system, meetings & video-conn scheduled & shared with attendees,

it’s 18:30 hrs, squeezed an expresso to rejuvenate, swiped phone [app] to check out from work, … request popped on phone asking to change a phone profile to Personal, a ‘YES’ and all Personal Tasks and reminders appeared, starting with critical, pending, non-critical follow-ups, personal statements & payments updates, diet & exercise report from morning is collectively onscreen, it is the ‘First Notification’ after the profile change, Priorities first. A time saver, can attend to my tasks by the time I reach to my car, almost missed the first among in the ‘First Notification’ screen is a ‘Yes/No’ response based request for escorting my vehicle to the point of Exit. Work related reminders and tasks are in background unless something flashes for an immediate attention, which I hope should never happen.

Pre-programed the temperature, music, GPS for the lounge on phone and synced to the car. Before starting through accessed the engagement, a click on a tiny button and notification is sent with my status and location to the contacts marked for evening, GPS system updated the current traffic condition, planned the best route and estimated arrival time that is constantly shared with friends. Meantime update received from Harry and Bob that they are about to reach the lounge! great stuff, The Living Technology.

Had a great time, old friends, some cocktails and good food!!!! my turn to pay, payment is made through my ‘Common Card’. Instantly received a message from my ‘Personal Organizer’ with a list of food and cocktails billed today,

How?? any expense paid is through a Common Card system which is linked with Financial and Governmental institutions, every transaction is categorized, and recorded in a central database of that individual, and every individual is allotted with a unique signature that is embedded into phones, ownership titles, expenditure, government and medical records etc.

Purpose?? I need to check-in the beverage and food I’ve had today and need to share the request with friends to fill-in. Checked-in items is synced respectively to Medical file for to review by the personal doctor, to propose next medical appointment and test requirements. And updated to personal organizer is the work-out requirement and a brief dietary report. Nevertheless, it is a relief that bloody phone and system cannot drag me off the hook.

After a great evening, checked into the car to head home. Personal Organizer recognized this and flashed a notification to pick-up the laundry, hit on a ‘Follow’ switch and new direction is loaded onto a car GPS, or too tired? then opt for a Snooze. Earlier in the evening Personal Organizer picked up the smart confirmation received from the laundry and embedded in To/Do schedule. P.O. categorize personal errands and notify when you decide to checkin for home.

So I pick up the laundry, activated a user-defined Profile ‘Quick Sleep’ for Home. As I stepped-in a pleasant ambience is set, spanish guitar tunes is on a player, and a good bath squeezed the stress out.

Tasks organized, hit the bed and picked up a book for some reading!!!…

following day…..