How I want my Mumbai….

Mumbai city is among fastest developing metros of the world. Commercial and Financial capital of India, largest tax paying city for the Government, opportunity hub for aliens and ‘my city’ for the Mumbaikars !

You can get anything you desire here, money, glamour, city to raise your family. She is a place where it is easier to get rich than find peace and patience. Mumbai does have serenity and a breath of freedom if you choose to listen and leave all the urban gifts to simplicity and rest of humanity.

Situation was a lot different about two decades ago. There was a poor but developing infrastructure, and there was still the race to become rich as well as there was containment. What have made of Mumbai as it is today are step-by-step introduction of events and policies.

‘Liberalisation policy’ and Computers radically changed the business reach, competition and opportunity, it was a rich piece of pie accessible to any average citizens with a desire of wealth and will to work hard for it. Then came the evolution of Stock Exchange & Intl Corporates, brought ample of opportunity and money in the stream.

All these changes emerged Mumbai as one of the important cities. Rat Race existed then but life in Mumbai did not struggle to breath. But then things began to change, Capital interest in the city resulted in gradual detonations, various scams, financial crashes, real estate hikes, education hikes, etc etc.. and a struggle to survive begun for the people, esp middle- and lower section. So then what has been done to prevent it ??? and this question is for inhabitants and government.

Mumbai was and still is a the best of any worlds. But what she is today or govt envision her is certainly what I do not want her to be…

01- first thing first ‘Don’t Want’ it to be anything like Shanghai or Singapore, and certainly not naming

everything in Chinese!! why not make Mumbai of what she is and a part of Indian culture.

02- ‘Don’t Want’ Revenue collected from Mumbai and not even a good chunk of it spent on Mumbai.

03- ‘Don’t Want’ lifeline of Mumbai to be squeezed by few Capital and Political geniuses.

04- ‘Don’t Want’ it to see it develop to anything else other than a Metro with a mix of culture and a

blend of Mumbadevi.

05- ‘Want’ a good infrastructure and public utility so people can spend time with family and not on

the Road.

06- ‘Want’ Mumbai to be viewed for their inhabitant than just a bag full of money or people to exploit.

07- ‘Want’ banners and instructions educating people to keep Mumbai clean rather than political

faces around.

08- ‘Want’ festivals allowed without competition, item numbers and series of political and

sponsorship banners.

09- ‘Want’ a system where every life is measured precious and system made for the people.

10- ‘Want’ law and order to be strict and people in charge of law be paid well.

11- ‘Want’ Mumbai as a place where people shall work with the law and regime, rather than in fear of


12- ‘ Want’ Mumbaikars to stand against corruption and not involve in one. Development of right

system will ask for few generation of sacrifice, why not start with ours.

13- ‘WANT’ all Mumbaikars to do their part, if government cannot change the system then let us

begin with the change.

Evolution of System involves People whereas Revolutionary System involves mainly force. And in Revolution there is a thin line between a good Leader and a Maniac in power. Building a good and corruption-free system is like a plan to acquire wealth, one needs to work hard, intelligently, sacrifice, be involved with people for development.

Always know that Freedom of Speech is a boon to Democracy only when it is made responsibly and with knowledge rather than just as a joke on social media.

Democracy works well only when people are active. For lazy, democracy will destroy the nation.