Hollywood since 2011

I’m a movie freak, have followed through most of average to good, major & minor releases since past 7 years in all genres and few aspects of international cinema, viz. French, Korean, Latin and Japanese movies.

Recently saw ‘The Impossible’ and ‘Gangster Squad’ which motivated to me blog this article, also have been reasoning and discussing on this for quite some time.

Hollywood journey till the mid of 2011 has been exhilarating, comprehensive and highly entertaining. But post 2011 releases and production there is a makeshift in presentation and conception, and this appear to be consistent irrespective of the production and direction. there are always few exceptions.

Virtually be 2011 form a dividing line, then in pre-2011 period productions were more generic & organic, – the heart was performance and reality – and 2011 &later, which is supremely dictated by special effects, 3D technology and virtual reality.

Technology is turning cinema from Reaction to Action based. Albeit nothing wrong with that, on-going revolution in visual & sound technology makes special effects indispensable for moviemakers as well as to the viewer delight. But it has also been weakening the script and performance effect, and impact of the characters.

Animation, action or adventure, Digital technology is cardinally overdone in most of the releases. Instance, quality of Animation movies are getting adoringly remarkable but then every now and then comes a big disappointments, like Madagascar 3 -a perfect example of over-personifying the characters.

This is even overwhelming in Action and Superhero movies. One good example if the Transformer series, where Transformer 3 was a blow off with over done animation and special effects and thus killing the character and their peculiarities……

then there is Sherlock Holmes series. 1st part released in 2010 excellently portrayed the strength of the fiction character whereas the 2nd part was made lengthy, inessential special effects that made presentation weak, partly unbelievable and shifted trait of character to superficial.

List of such, 2011-12 releases goes on and on. Green Lantern, War Horse, Hangover Part II, Dark Knight Rises and many of the 3D releases.

Trend emphasis the interest of Production houses to bank more from digital deployments and this is eventually killing significance of script as well cutting performance based releases.

Now keenly waiting for Promised Land, Broken City, & Die Hard 5.