INDIA BIKE WEEK, Domestic arena for the biker community

This and the last decade has witnessed a grand elevation in Indian auto enthusiasts. People are spending and to tap this huge, seller’s market many multinational auto makers are engaged in pushing their exclusive presence & competition here. This is true for Supercars and advance Performance bikes. But for this blog, I ‘ll concentrate on a Motorcycle playground.

There is a colossal swell in number of bikers, and surprisingly contribution is flowing form all directions, from far-reaching towns and country land. Today biking era has reached to its infancy of maturation stage, formation of larger brackets but still unorganised for banking in through branding, commercialisation and sweepstakes & merchandising. Although it is getting there and ‘Online Social Media’ will be largely responsible.

Currently in existence are large autonomous groups and, sponsored and autonomous. INDIA BIKE WEEK, the first organised platform for bikers, is a big leap that will alter the course, presence and roadmap of biking community in India.

INDIA BIKE WEEK or IBW is backed up by the history of a event organiser company ‘70 Event Media Group’ whose presence and experience is served Globally. IBW ’s main function is to syndicate individuals and biking groups to form a larger brotherhood, and organising events & festivals at all scales.

‘India Bike Week’ festival to be commenced in Goa from February 2013 is one such event, it is a largest multi-day event ever introduced in India. This festival will serve as a common and introductory platform for bikers, exhibits & promotional opportunities for individual & small enterprise field professionals and finally branding companies. Festival stages many sporting, biking and gathering events.

IBW also coordinate regional /city wise weekend rides, brunch gatherings, brotherhoods, news & newsletters, blogging, and few other services through their network. One can always step forward to get involved with IBW through volunteering, blogging, exhibits & merchandising and participant. In days to come, expecting IBW will develop some quality information exchange platform and media circulation to expand its reach and critical presence in this sector.

IBW is one of the big steps on Indian Biking court and has a serious potential for the growth. Their present planner, events and PR coverage certainly looks promising, now it is to see what shape, direction & place IBW acquire in future. Nevertheless, such events and large bodies will open the gate to fresh commercial and tourism opportunities, even for unprofessional but skilled classes like mechanics, build-offs & customisations.