Indian News Media vs The People 

Indian News Media vs The PeopleSince a year and half there has been lot of ‘Hue and Cry’ from News Media, certain biased -famously termed as- pseudo-intellects, and few political figures. This is particularly increased with the new government at the Centre.

Frequented claims by these personalities are obstruction to Freedom of Speech, growing Intolerance, Trolling over social media.
I admit present speeches by few political and famous personalities are haywire; it is difficult to make a head or tail out of it; whereas these can be over sighted; there are statements which are critically anti-national or disturbing certain faith. But my question is when were they not????
Nevertheless, it is certainly interesting as well critical to identify the incidents leading to this today…
Before the introduction of Social Media platform, News and Current affairs were a one-way street and was controlled through Prints, Radio and Television. [News distribution is a challenging task for the country like ‘India’, which is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and geographically vast].

Media had a fair amount of control over what we should know; whereas this was acceptable since in its early days they were more or less honest, except in situations when Government may have been responsible for distortions or concealment of facts. Things began to change perhaps in last 15-18 years, key reasons -Competition and TRP wars!

More and more news channels came on Air and started a war, serious and responsible reporting converted to petty & glamourise journalism or secret sources -‘not all is corrupt, but there are a very few exception within News Media today.

Thus altered the Rationale and quality of news, now-a-days everything is sensational and a breaking news, except for the matter that are truly sensitive in nature. Kind of a news and debate that are being delivered are appalling if not only insulting to the recipient, to me to say the least and many like me.

In this league are also many accredited minds influenced by western philosophy or interests, and political figures who regularly make comments as if they are the sole representation of Nation’s intelligence corps, development, future and unity. I am not against any point of view, and being a citizen everyone has a right to express or protest as per their beliefs, questionable is when reaction is selective or directed out of loyalty other than to the Nation.

Statements and reactions they make are occasionally nonsensical, biased and outrageous to a point of patronising its recipient. Now my question to them is “Why a selective protest?” Democracy or not, every citizen has a right to protest in favour of a Nation but it has to be responsible, unbiased and universal.

Certainly, not all statements and opinion coming from this section is biased, some do address core issues and are honest but then it is difficult to identify from different shades.

In past such comments remained unchallenged, however that changed permanently with Social Media platform, like Twitter and Facebook. Everything said is questioned, challenged, counter-challenged, and debated directly by a common man. Perhaps a reason for all ‘Hue and Cry’. It may be difficult for these personalities to swallow any form of criticism, specifically coming from a common man.

New kind of political war commenced since the change in Central Government, from May-2014 -a type that we have never seen, and where citizens actively stand up to right and wrong.

Social Media have played a critical role during Loksabha Election of 2014. In his campaign, Shri Narendra Modi, the now Prime Minister of India, extensively employed social media platform for communication and interaction with the voters. His Social indulgence turned more aggressive after coming to PMO, and his later instructions to all his Cabinet members to keep in touch with people through Facebook & Twitter. This  strategy has seen a grand success, citizens are flooding ideas, suggestions and interactions directly to the Cabinet members.

Social media transformed us ‘Indians’ from being merely a receptor of information. We are now able to validate, invalidate, debate and in instances become a first hand reporter. Social Media has given us the power to influence over what others speak, and this is what is bothering them. And whenever any biased opinion is challenged by people it is titled as trolls. Ironically, often questioned is ‘Freedom of Speech’ by the people who in a name criticism publicly throw abusive comments towards the Government, and unlike the attitude of the pervious governments these people are not convicted in any way, directly or indirectly.
#AwardWapsi i.e. protest undertaken by some artists, scientists, academic etc by returning their awards is a perfect example of selective outrage by these people, these people have never acted with a same zeal for Shikh, Kashmiri Pandits, Ayodhya massacre victims, and beheading of Indian soldier. No awards were returned or denied for acceptance….

#Intolerance #BeefBan are other examples… no one condemns to an act when politicians play religious cards in favour of other religion or when Karnataka Minister gives a statement to waive off part of loan of minority religion, or questions the state government for crimes happening in their turf. Hence, it is safe to assume all these agendas are directed towards the present Government, PM to be specific, and has no National interest whatsoever. Had it been so then these very same people would have voiced their concern long ago…. 

The very attitude of selective outrage by many is what aggravating us. Coming back to the subject, change in Government and use of social media have created a very strong ripple of awareness, social responsibility and National interests in citizens, and it will grow stronger. Incidents like #Awardwapsi etc will fuel it further, in short-term they’re may win but war will not be lost by us!

Nevertheless, to all concerned citizens out there we must not stoop to their level, we must keep our head cool, our comments aggressive to a point without being abusive. It is we who can change the course of our Nation not them!!!!

There is a big difference between being a Citizen and a Patriot!