will be back on Road, After a long dry spell

Two years of dry spell and glued as a workhorse; caffeine, fellow travelogues and my next tour kept me to my best.

My last tour was in December-2012 which had taken me through Southern India, about 6000 kms and 28 days of saddling.

Was it enough?!” this is the question every traveller and adventurist may wonder after end of each trip!

Subsequent day of my returning, started looking for my next destination. Northern Hills of India has always been my instinctive choice. Tranquility her landscape share is a soulful experience.

Intended trip is to Himachal Pradesh, plan is to kick-off on motorcycle from Mumbai and embrace Himachal Pradesh through Shimla. Trip is expected to last for 20-25 days, covering about 4500 km of ground.

Objective is to follow the route through Hamlets, and spending most of these days at remote locations with trek .

Main Highlights of this trip, other than spending as much time riding, are visiting exotic music cafe in Manali, Nature trail at Chail, Kufri, GHNP, camping at Kasol, overnight at Parashar Lake, Tirthan valley, Jalori Pass trek, Kalpa too if time permit [or rather keep it for Lahaul & Spiti schedule].

Keep it posted!

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Music lovers storming to Coorg.

It was the Religious North then there is the Riders’ West, and now South is setting a stage for Music cum Adventure lovers with a two day Music Festival under the open sky of beautiful Coorg.

Festival is on 1st & 2nd February staging Electronic and Fusion music. But an enchanting part is the venue, which is located amidst nature and under the open sky. Organisers are also offering a package of season tickets and tent accommodation at the venue.

checkout links for details on artists and booking.