Winter Ride preps!

Starting with the 15 -20 days ride to the adobe of Himalaya, preparation are underway!

Nearly done with the purchases, coordinating checklist and pre-ride checkup of Duke 200.

So will list some of the must haves for me on this ride,

01- Cold killer Riding Jacket, Cramster K2K with dual liner.
02- DSG Hydro waterproof gloves with warm liner.
03- Knox 9 plate back protector.
04- Knox Long Knee guard.
05- Rain Jacket
06- LS2 Helmet
07- KTM Levers and Cables.
08- Chain Cleaner & Lube.
09- Rynox Nomad v2 Saddle bag, total capacity 64 litres.
10- Quechua Tent
11- Sleeping Bag
12- Camping accessories
13- Military grade Ankle length shoes.
14- Master Lock
15- Aquapack backpack and Waterproof case for gadgets.
16- PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme.
17- Winter clothes
18- Wrangler water /oil repellent Denim
19- Wrangler Silver Shield Odourless Denim



will be back on Road, After a long dry spell

Two years of dry spell and glued as a workhorse; caffeine, fellow travelogues and my next tour kept me to my best.

My last tour was in December-2012 which had taken me through Southern India, about 6000 kms and 28 days of saddling.

Was it enough?!” this is the question every traveller and adventurist may wonder after end of each trip!

Subsequent day of my returning, started looking for my next destination. Northern Hills of India has always been my instinctive choice. Tranquility her landscape share is a soulful experience.

Intended trip is to Himachal Pradesh, plan is to kick-off on motorcycle from Mumbai and embrace Himachal Pradesh through Shimla. Trip is expected to last for 20-25 days, covering about 4500 km of ground.

Objective is to follow the route through Hamlets, and spending most of these days at remote locations with trek .

Main Highlights of this trip, other than spending as much time riding, are visiting exotic music cafe in Manali, Nature trail at Chail, Kufri, GHNP, camping at Kasol, overnight at Parashar Lake, Tirthan valley, Jalori Pass trek, Kalpa too if time permit [or rather keep it for Lahaul & Spiti schedule].

Keep it posted!

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Bike ‘Log, South trip, best riding routes so far -PART 1

It has been 18 days and 4500 km of being on road to Southern India, following grounds covered;

Hyderabad -Bangalore -Coorg -Bangalore -Coimbatore -Munnar -Kovalam -Trivandrum -Varkala -Kollam -Thenmala -Kottayam -Alleppey -Kochi [Cochin]

Now route to follow is,

Kochi -Calicut -Wayanad [Pookot Lake, Kuruva Island & Muthunga Wildlife]

Here are the list of routes impressed me about the South India.

Best Routes for riding; in chronology

01- Coorg,

  • Kushal Nagar to Dubera forest [13 km]

  • Madikeri to Talacuavery [25 km]

Kodagu or Coorg is a district, a beautiful hill station in the Karnataka State. Routes are filled with beautiful landscaping, coffee plantations, fields and wonderful people.

Dubera forest [10 km] and Talacuavery [25 km] is great for biking. Sharp curves, steeps,

good roads. Except the Talacuavery, roads are a mix of good, bad and uneven but the

last 8 km patch runs through forest with endless curves with a good road condition to delight yourself.

So far the best man-made and maintained landscaping observed even by small-time cultivators.

02- Coimbatore – Munnar [160 km]

There are two route for reaching Munnar, one from Kochi which is more popular and second one from

I’ve travelled both the routes, ‘Coimbatore – Munnar’ and ‘Munnar – Kochi / Kottayam’. and Coimbatore route is amazing, esp the last 70 km patch.

About 40 km runs through forest reserve and 30 km escalation to Munnar is a treat of

life, good roads, sharp curves, tea plantation all around and the Air itself & marginal Fog.

03- Munnar – Top Station [33 km]

All I could say is drivers & riders wouldn’t wanna miss it. Escalations, roads, curves,


If you go to Munnar then I recommend to stay at the Top station, there are two

accommodation facility is available, average but worth spending the night there, it will be cold. There is a wonderful family running Forest Trail camping and trekking programs.

04- Varkala -Anjengo -Kadinamkulam Lake

This is about 25 km run through narrow country roads with beaches, backwaters, and coconut farms. The Kadinamkulam lake itself is beautiful, non-commercial and birds.

It is a very short run but beautiful, form Kadimamkulam you can catch up Kanyakumari- Panvel Road, to South it leads to Trivandrum and North to Varkala & Kollam.

05- Alleppey route.

06- Bangalore – Coorg, 230 km

Route has a two lane road but good, scenic and pleasant.

You can find all sort of modern world food joints within first 100 km from Bangalore, later part is mostly Cafe Coffee Day’s and South Indian cuisine restaurants.

07- Hyderabad to Bangalore

Straight, spotless four lane 600 km stretch. Did 100 – 130 kmph with no worries or a need

for breaking.

08- Bangalore -Coimbatore [360 km]

Again a good, straight patch to throttle. Route gets scenic after crossing Krishnanagari. Currently final 35 km patch is in development, thus bad and lot of diversions.

Worst patch to ride on; Pune – Sholapur.

Roads & Towns;

For most part of South, Roads are in a good condition but single lane, narrow in Kerala. State Highways runs through small towns and cities, all are well-developed. Hence this restricts the speed and thereby increased transit time.

A word of caution though, traffic sense is somewhat rude and mendable. Be careful !!!

Routes of Southern India are either green or blue, I personally experienced it more pleasant to cruise at 70 kmph rather than throttling.

People are pleasant and friendly.